Monday, October 15, 2012

Why I Suck at Blogging Now

Hey, guys.

Remember when I used to blog with regularity at least twice a week? Me too. Those were the days...posts every Monday and Friday. Sometimes more if I really got on a roll.

Then life happened.

For a couple months this time last year, I was extraordinarily busy with some very important "stuff." Mostly job interviews, apartment hunting, and moving. I got a new job and within a month's time worked my last two weeks at my old job, hosted my BFF for a week in San Diego, found an apartment in Orange County, packed, moved, and started a new job.

It was a very busy time.

I didn't even think about trying to blog or shoot for several weeks while I unpacked, adjusted to a new schedule and city, and set up things like internet service. But now...I moved almost 10 months ago. What's the reason now?

I've been trying to figure out why it's been so hard for me and came up with all kinds of ideas excuses. I thought maybe my new life schedule has something to do with it (earlier mornings = earlier bed times). Or maybe it was because so many of my weekends are spent heading back to San Diego for various family and friend activities, and I don't have as much free time for blogging and photo editing.

Recently, however, a new idea came to me. A new reason for why my blogging has become so sporadic. And it's a good one. One that I'm okay with.

You see, part of the reason I started this photography blog four years ago was because I missed photography and wanted a reason to become active in it again. But another part, a big part, was because I needed a creative and inspiring outlet outside of the office.

I so appreciate the role my last job had in my life. It was a great learning experience and probably prepared me for handling just about any workplace scenario. But it was a hard place to work. It included some long hours, stressful scenarios and periods of time, and often frustration (even anger). I needed photography and blogging as an escape. I needed creative production and fulfillment.

Now, I get that at work in my current role. Don't get me is work, and I still want to be photographing, writing, and blogging. I really do. But the urgency is gone. I like my work. I spend nine hours a day, Monday through Friday, doing something that has a creative and artistic bent to it.

When I realized this, it made me not feel so guilty about my blog neglect. I still want to improve in this area and get back to a regular schedule. But if the biggest reason for my struggle is because I'm happy, content, and satisfied with how I spend the majority of my day, I'm okay with that. Who wouldn't be?

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