Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Turning 27: In which I disdain aging, dubstep, and the fact that Peeta is too young for me

Saturday was my 27th birthday. Since most of my friends are older than I, as the youngun I have been blissfully unconcerned for years about aging. (Thanks, guys.) Not so this year, when I found myself face-to-face with "distress" over getting older. Im not quite sure what flipped the switch. But I have a few ideas...

Perhaps its because I am finally starting to feel like a grown-up and wonder if I should have more things figured out by now.

Or maybe its because Im acutely aware that 27 is definitely on its way into late-20s. And theres a lot of hub about the twenty-somethings in churches and the like. Well, what happens when youre not a twenty-something anymore? Does anyone care? What about the thirty-somethings!?

It might have something to do with hearing that kids I used to babysit are getting engaged. To be married.

There's also the fact that I'm behind in the latest thing the kids are into these days. Take dubsteb for example. I recently discovered that (a) I had no idea what it was (yes, I just learned who Skrillex is mere months ago), (b) apparently its been around a while, and (c) I dont like it. (You call this music?!)

I'm pretty sure that reading the Hunger Games trilogy may have something to do with it as I found myself, upon finishing book one, muttering something along the lines of, Ill love you, Peeta! Then abashedly remembering that not only is Peeta a fictional character, but the equivalent of a seventeen-year-old high school boy. Ugh.

Darn you, aging.

Luckily, I have great genes on both sides of my family. I still get carded most of the time where adult beverages are concerned. Folks still seem surprised when theyve just met me and learn my age (Oh, you dont look that old.) And I can still wear my favorite articles of clothing from high school that I refuse to get rid of.

Still, one can't help but long for the days when kids stayed kids, boy bands were cool, and Friends wasn't on Nick at Nite.

The birthdays refuse to stop, however, and so in celebration of me and my old self, I give you a photo from ten years ago. When I was not too old for Peeta.

Hello, Seventeen-Year-Old Self. Some words of wisdom for you: Sometimes dreams come true (but not always). You're stronger than you think you are (but you can't always do it alone). Boys suck (but not all of them). And whatever IT is, it's going to be okay.

And now I leave you to eat tiramisu and live vicariously through Katniss in Catching Fire.

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  1. LOVED the post, loved your 17 year old self and am happy I'm still best friends with your 27 year old self. you are a strong, beautiful and inspiring woman Stephanie Grace, don't forget it.


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