Monday, March 19, 2012

tale of the anchovies

You guys. The other day I did something kind of crazy. I bought a little tin container of anchovies at Trader Joe's. Anchovies!

They get such a bad rap. And I'm right there bashing on them too. But the thing is, I LIKE fish. I like salty things. I like Caesar salad with the dressing (um, hello, anchovies!). And I love all things Italian. Ergo, there's really no reason why I shouldn't like anchovies. So. I bought some. And allow  me to apologize profusely...but no amount of epic photography skills can make these guys look appetizing.

What really instigated my semi-spontaneous purchase was The Pioneer Woman. She had posted a recipe for Pasta Puttanesca, a dish I had read described in Marisa de los Santos' novel Belong to Me. I don't think I had ever actually had pasta puttanesca before...but since I love all things Italian, I knew I was bound to love this too. Basically, it's spaghetti with a tomato, red onion, kalamata olive, anchovy, basil, and white wine concoction.

It was pretty tasty. And I would make it again. Especially since I forgot to get fresh basil at the store and sort of cheated by using dried basil instead. It would be way better with fresh basil. 

Pasta puttanesca was a success...but I still had a bunch of anchovy filets left, and no idea what to do with them. 

Enter pizza. I randomly found a recipe in one of my cookbooks for pizza with anchovies, hard salami, and olives. VoilĂ !

The pizza, admittedly, was not AS good as the pasta. I thought the combo of anchovy and salami was way too salty--as much as I love saltiness. Truth be told, I could taste the anchovy more on the pizza than in the pasta and...I would have preferred just the salami. There were still a couple anchovy filets left in the tin at this point. The met their fate in the trash.

When it comes down to it,  I really don't love anchovies. And I'm okay with that. I'll stick to my sushi, salmon, tilapia, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


  1. hahaha, you crazy person you. the anchovies remind me of my days in Spain when I was forced to eat sardines every other day. I much prefer a tame tilapia as well.

  2. Haha, the SARDINES! I totally remember talking about the sardines with were so appalled at their presence. :)


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