Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I don't wear pink on Valentine's Day

I don't wear pink on Valentine's Day. Or red. It's not that I really have anything against it...I guess it just feels a little cliche to me. I've never been huge on V-day, even in years past when I had a sweetheart to celebrate with.

I suppose it's possible I have some terrible underlying bitterness for Cupid and subconsciously reject all manifestation of the maudlin holiday. Or maybe I just like to be original, and really...it's just another day on the calendar. Yeah, that's it. I am definitely not a Cupid hater. I can even prove it to you.

While I purposefully do not wear pink or red clothing, I do wear these awesome socks.

Yes, I know the socks have both pink and red on them. But NOBODY can see them! That's the brilliance of it! My dear mother gave these socks to me for Valentine's Day circa 2006. And I wear them every year on February 14. To everyone else it looks like I'm just wearing plain ol' regular white socks. Nobody knows, except me. And now you. But let's just keep this between the two of us, okay?

Whether or not you're celebrating today, I hope your day is full of love. Whether or not you're celebrating today, don't be a Cupid hater. And finally, whether or not you're celebrating today, you should definitely make these delicious brownies.

By the way, come St. Patrick's Day you can bet your pot-o-gold I'll be wearing green. Green's my favorite!

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