Friday, December 16, 2011

I come bearing (a) gift...

The last couple months of 2011 have been a whirlwind of changes--hence my terrible abandonment of all things blogging. In October I accepted a new job offer in Orange County, so the last ten weeks have chock-full of wrapping up my old job, cleaning out the office, hosting my best friend for a week of San Diego fun, apartment hunting, finding someone to take over my San Diego lease, packing, cleaning, and moving, unpacking, working, and holiday-celebrating. Full on crazy!

I'm still adjusting to the whole new life and schedule thing, but I've missed blogging and hope to be back on a regular schedule real soon.

Now, on to the gift part....

How about this little guy? This, my friends, is a Butterbeer Cupcake. That's right, a Butterbeer Cupcake! (Honk if you're a Harry Potter fan...) I made these over Thanksgiving weekend, mostly to appease my younger brother, who had been pestering me for months to make them ever since I announced my discovery of the recipe. 

We ended up taking them to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's house. And luckily, dinner and dessert were both over before my youngest brother "threw" the rest of the cupcakes onto the floor. Yeah...we still don't know how that happened. Anyway, you can find the recipe for these tasty treats here. They were very tasty. The frosting is a little sweet for my taste. I'm not a big frosting girl. But you could always replace with a cream cheese frosting for something with a little less sugar.

Whip up a batch and pop in your favorite Harry Potter flick to watch while you munch on the creamy, butterscotch-y goodness.

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