Monday, May 23, 2011

new and exciting things!

Last week, a terrible thing happened. Friday came and went and I FORGOT TO BLOG! Argh. I realized it about halfway to the wedding I was attending that afternoon/evening in Cherry Valley.  Perhaps I can use the wedding as an excuse? I did not bring my own camera to the wedding (*gasp*), but here's a picture from my mom to prove I was there!

I feel like a bad blogger, but truth is, sometimes life just carries you away! On to the new and exciting things!

1) Stephanie Grace Photography now has an official page on Facebook!

If you like Facebook, and you like me, please log in and "Like" Stephanie Grace Photography's page!

On to more new and exciting things...

2) Stephanie Grace Photography has a shop on Etsy!

I'm still working on building up my inventory, but the shop is officially up and running and open for business. Please feel free to stop by:

In the coming weeks I will be working a on a new and exciting project with my friend, Meredith. I am VERY excited about this project and look forward to announcing it soon.

Lastly, how about something new and exciting for you? Like a giveaway! Who doesn't like free stuff? How do you win?

1. Like Stephanie Grace Photography on Facebook.
2. Leave a comment here to let me know you did!
3. A random winner will be selected on Thursday and announced on Friday.

The winner will get this "be happy" print, from the Stephanie Grace Photography shop on Etsy.

13 x 19 in

On your mark, get set, go! Like and comment away! And have a Happy Monday. :)


  1. I've "liked" you and I like you.
    Sending love!

  2. Thanks, Meg! I like you too. :) And the girls really liked the postcard you sent, by the way!

  3. I was so 'happy' to see you at the wedding! And i really like the picture of you at the tree 'guestbook'. That will be one for my wedding photo book :)

  4. Karla, it was so wonderful to be at the wedding and see some "old friends"! I was really glad we were able to go.

  5. Cool...I didn't know you were on Etsy! I'll have to check it out! It was fun to see you and your parents at the wedding. Sorry, it distracted you from blogging and wish I would have spent more time talking with you all, but between wedding responsibilities and a sickly baby I missed you guys! Bum! Maybe I'll have to take a trip some day to REALLY visit California. I liked your FB page b/c I like you and your photography!

  6. Bethany, it was so great to see all you Tabers/Stillwells last week! It was a beautiful day to celebrate with a great family! You and Dave should definitely do a California trip and check out San Diego! :)Thank you for liking me. :)


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