Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in memory of a very good dog

who loved opening presents and eating fruits and veggies,

chasing tennis balls and frisbees and pirouetting through billows of shoveled snow,

being tucked in on cold, Minnesota nights and shredding pizza boxes to minuscule bits and pieces,

playing tug-of-war with empty gallon milk cartons and chasing the cat out of the kitchen,

pursuing pesky flies and careening down the sidewalk at the end of the leash,

welcoming you home and sitting on top of your feet to be close to you.

a very good dog, indeed. 


  1. He was a wonderful dog, who lived a long life with a very living family.

  2. Your dog reminded me of our dog when I was growing up. His name was Sam. I miss him.

  3. Dogs are the best. They make great friends.


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