Friday, March 4, 2011

the fisheye

So, I ordered a new toy from Photojojo that I'm super excited to show you! The Fisheye Lens. Only at a fraction of the cost of a normal, new lens. Cuz you know what? This girl can't afford to go buying cool lenses right now.

It was so exciting to see the box waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work today. I was so anxious to try it out, putting it on my Canon Rebel T1i (aka: Dexter) and testing it out was the first thing I did. Even though the light in my room wasn't up to snuff.

Part of my semi-clean room. Please ignore the pile of magazines next to the dresser that I haven't had time to read yet... Please do pay attention to the sweet hourglass of light projected onto the wall from the lamp.

Next up, some messing around with zooming the lens to see the effect change. This is with the lens all (or nearly all) the way zoomed out.

Zoomed in further, and check out those bulging sides!

This came in the package too. Not gonna kinda creeped me out when I realized there was something small, yellow, and skeletal in the bottom of the box. Upon further inspection, creeped-out-ness turned to slight confusion. Yes, Photojojo did mean to send me this little guy. As a freebie! Love it.

Yup. Had to try it out on me too. This was a glasses day.

The goods! The lens comes in a great, little black bag to keep it protected. The adapter rings are included. The best part? This baby was under $60. 

Get yours here.

Very much looking forward to experimenting more with my new fisheye lens.

Thanks, Photojojo!


  1. My favorite is the pterodactyl ;).

  2. I meant to bring him to work for my desk...but I keep forgetting him at home! :)

  3. oooo me too. love the ptero. and the sweet hour glass is nifty, too.

  4. I love the first shot and the second but last one with you in it ! Very cool!

    And you're lucky the lens worked out for you. In the past I didn't have a great experience of ordering some tele-extenders and wide angle lenses which, the seller advertised as being compatible with my Rebel XSi. Fortunately, I paid only $60 for them too.

  5. Thank you, Shinydewdrop! I must admit, no directions came with anything (and I'm a directions kind of girl), so it took me a few minutes to figure out how to attach everything. I do feel it might taint the quality of the pictures some, but I haven't experimented enough to see!


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