Monday, February 28, 2011

hidden beauty

This weekend marked exactly one year since my move into the house. Moving from an apartment complex into a house brought with it a couple distinct advantages--a residential neighborhood and quiet cul-de-sac, a garage to store stuff in, and a backyard.

For some reason I never ventured to the side of the house. I guess I figured there was nothing over there. I was wrong.

On Saturday, after it had rained buckets Friday night, I took a peek around the corner because the fence was open. We have peony bushes on the side of the house. Lining the narrow walk along the house and garage to the driveway. Three of them. 

I love peonies. I have lived in the house for a year and never knew those peonies were there. What a reminder to "wake up and smell the roses", to to speak. There is a surprise around every corner, it seems, if we only open up our eyes to take a look.

So looking forward to fresh peonies in a vase this spring...

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