Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Bear

In the week after Christmas, I headed up to Big Bear City, California, with my family for a few days of snow-bound vacation! We were lucky to have great driving conditions up the mountain and a beautiful snowfall to wake up to the next morning.

There was already some snow on the ground to greet us when we arrived.

Then the heavens opened and turned it into a true winter wonderland. Here's where we stayed for three days. Isn't it cute?

It was Dexter's first time in "inclement" weather. We braved the falling snow for some pretty shots.

After living in Minnesota for many years and now residing in Southern California, it's nice to have a snow fix every once in a while. But I don't miss it enough to live in the Midwest again! :)

It was a nice, fluffy snowfall. The very best kind!

The kind that's perfect for snowmen! This is Francois.

We had a blast, but I'll admit it was nice to come home and finally be warm through and through again.


  1. Love these photos and LOVE Big Bear? May I ask, did you rent this cabin? It's awfully cute! I'm looking for a place to go with my girlfriends for a girl's trip. You make winter look great! I, too, am in SoCal. I just want our warm weather back. :( Thanks for sharing and commenting on my post over at Shutter Sisters!

  2. Hi Chris! Thanks for the sweet comment. This was my first trip to Big Bear, even though it's just a couple of hours from home, and I loved it. The cabin belongs to a family friend who let us use it for free. Lucky, I know! I totally agree with you about the weather...even though it's only January, I am starting to look forward to summer!


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